Run tests on a regular fixed schedule

Rainforest has a run scheduler as part of the Run Groups feature to make it easy to run your tests whenever it makes sense for your team.

You may schedule tests in two separate places:

  1. The individual Run Groups page
  2. The Scheduled Groups page

Schedule tests on the Run Groups Page

  1. Go to desired Run Group
  2. Select the edit icon (wrench) to configure your run group and apply a schedule.
  3. Select the timezone you wish to use or use UTC and set the schedule time.
    You may either select locations such as "US/Eastern" or use UTC offsets by typing "etc/gtm" and then choosing the offset.
  4. Select the days you wish to run the group.
  5. Select the platforms you wish to use when the group is run.
  6. Select "Save" to save changes.

Schedule tests on the Scheduled Group Page

Go to the Scheduled Groups page

  1. Select Settings (Gear)
  2. Select Scheduled Groups

Once on the Scheduled Groups page:

  1. Select the Time for the Run Group you wish to update
  2. Select the Day(s) you wish the run group to run
  3. Select Save to save updates

If you wish to change the timezone that the Run Group will be scheduled in, change it on the Run Group page, as outlined at top of this article.

A few things to know about the scheduled timezone:

  • Run Groups where no timezone has been set up, the timezone will be UTC.
  • Run Groups where a specific timezone was selected for the Run Group, UTC will be replaced with the selected time zone.
  • Newly created Run Groups will default to use the timezone setting on the My Account page. However, you may change the Run Group timezone if you wish.
  • If the scheduled timezone the Run Group is different than the time zone set in My Account, the "Local Time" the Run Group will run will be shown as well.
  • If the scheduled timezone for the Run Group observes Daylight Saving Time that will automatically be taken into account when future runs are scheduled.
  • To select a UTC offset, type "etc/gtm" in the time zone and then select the etc/gtm offset you wish to use.

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