How to execute a run of tests in Rainforest

After you've built your test suite—even if it's only a single test--the next step is to run your tests. You can run against a number of different browsers, schedule them to be run at times convenient for you, and preview what the testers will see before starting the job. These topics are covered in separate articles here in the Runs section.

You can trigger test runs via our UI, which is demonstrated here, or via our API or CLI!

Run A Single Test or Multiple Tests

Starting at your Tests dashboard, select the test you want to run by navigating to the ‘All Tests’ page. Use our array of filters on the right-hand side of the page to narrow down which test(s) you want to run. Check the test and select 'Run' from the action bar. Rainforest will then ask you to select the platforms you would like to run the test on. You can optionally provide an arbitrary description for this run before confirming the run.

Run A Feature 

Run A Run Group 

Run A Saved Filter

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