How and when to use quotations marks

Quoted text is a highly versatile and powerful test-writing tool in Rainforest. To use it to its fullest potential, here are recommended best practices for leveraging quoted text effectively.

How Quoted Text Works:

Our testers are trained to read test instructions and match exactly what appears within "quoted" text to what they see on your website or application to determine their response. There are 3 criteria, collectively referred to as ‘content’, on which testers form their judgment on quoted text:

  1. Word Choice
  2. Spelling and Grammar
  3. Syntax

If there is any deviation from the content in the instructions and the corresponding element on the webpage or in the application, the tester will fail that test. Quoted text is strict because it doesn’t allow for deviation.

Example: Instructions stating look for "e-mail" but the application shows "email" would result in a failure due to the inconsistency. Specifically due to the use of a dash.

Our Best Practices:

Be mindful of Word Choice

Special attention should be placed on word choice in the context of quoted text. Since the criteria for quoted text is ‘strict,’ similar or commonly interchangeable words can cause testers to fail a test.

Example: If the step is written so that it instructs a test to click the “Log In” button but the button actually reads “Sign In”, the tester will fail the test at that step because of the mismatch in word choice.

Pay attention to Spelling and Grammar

Attention to spelling and grammar is also crucial when utilizing quoted text. As quoted text is rigid, spelling and grammar issues between quoted text in the instructions and the site being tested will likely have an impact on the results.

Imagine that a step in a login flow instructed testers to enter “password1.” into the password field with the period entered because of proper grammar habits. As written, the quoted text here would instruct the tester to input the period (.) as part of the password.

The situation above will likely lead to a login error as the password will be rejected. We recommend adding punctuation after quoted text (please don't report us to the grammar police).

Always review Syntax

One of the best things about writing a Rainforest test is that steps can be written in plain English, and the same instruction can be phrased in multiple ways to best suit the situation. But if quoted text is used, remember to be consistent.

Revisiting the login example above, let’s say that after successfully logging in, the tester is asked to verify that they see the message, “You have successfully logged in.”If the message they saw was instead “You have logged in successfully!” the tester will be compelled to fail the test.

Using quoted text isn't always necessary, however, when it is used it should be for specific purposes. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team for help!

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