Easily manage run settings, schedules and test suites in one place

Run groups let you manage your run settings, scheduled runs and test suites in one place. They are a powerful way to achieve your desired coverage while maintaining complete control of your run settings.

Creating a Run Group

To create a run group, click on the “+“ icon next to Run Groups on the left navigation menu. This will bring up a modal that lets you specify the run settings and an optional schedule. Anything specific here can be modified later.

Once you create the run group, you are able to add tests to it. Any tests in this run group will run based on the settings specified.

  • Run Group Name: Enter a name for your run group; typical examples include “Smoke Suite” and “Regression Suite”, or “Mobile Test Suite”.
  • Schedule (Optional): You have the option of running this run group on a regular schedule if you choose to use this feature.
  • Environment: Specify the environment you want your tests to run on.
  • Location (Optional): If you want your tests to run on a specific geolocation, specify it here.
  • Testers (Optional): You may specify a specific tester crowd for this run group, either Global or On-Premise, if you have this option enabled for your account.
  • Platforms: Choose the platforms you want your tests to run on.

Editing a Run Group

You can always edit this run group by clicking on the “pencil” icon on the top menu.

Adding Tests

Run groups let you add tests to them so you can run them as test suites with the specified settings. You can add any combination of individual tests, saved filters, or entire features.

  • Adding tests: You may add a test to a run group from the 'All Test' List, by selecting any number of tests and clicking “Add to Run Group” from the action bar. You can also add tests from the Test View.

Adding Features

You can add entire Features to run groups by going to a feature and clicking 'Run' button > 'Add to Run Group'. When a run group contains a feature, all the tests inside the feature will run (except for disabled tests). Adding features to a run group is an easy way to maintain your test suites without having to manage both features and run groups separately.

Adding Saved Filters

You can add saved filters to a run group by going to the saved filter and clicking Run > Add to Run Group. When a run group contains a saved filter, all the tests inside the saved filter will run (except for disabled tests).

Triggering Run Groups

You can trigger a run group to run in 3 ways:

  • Run group view: In the run group page, click on the “Run” button to run it using the specified settings.
  • CLI: Use the run run-group [ID] command to trigger a run group from the CLI.
  • Schedule: Any run groups with schedules will run based on that schedule (hit the pencil icon to edit the schedule).

Apply Run Settings from Run Group

You can also use the settings from a run group to trigger a one-off run. Any time you click the “Run” button, you have the option of selecting “Apply from Run Group” to use the saved run settings from that run group.

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