Rainforest lets you organize and view coverage progress by feature. Simply create a feature and start adding tests. You can easily add tests into features when you create a test, from the test view, or from the test list.

Creating Features

Click the tests icon to access the feature page and click "New Feature"

Note: that feature names should be unique to reflect your product structure.

Add Test To A Feature

From the test level, you can add it to a feature by selecting the appropriate feature from the feature drop-down on the righthand side of the screen. For automated tests, this is behind the "Settings" tab on the righthand side.

Bulk or Single Add Tests to a Feature

From the 'All Tests' list, when you select the checkboxes on one or multiple tests, simply click “Move to Feature” in the action bar and then choose your feature.

Adding a Feature to a Run Group

Click into a Feature and click Run Feature then you'll have an option to add it to a run group.

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