Rainforest lets you organize and view coverage progress by feature. Simply create a feature and start adding tests. You can easily add tests into features when you create a test, from the test view, or from the test list.

Creating Features

Click the tests icon to access the feature page and click "New Feature"

Note: that feature names should be unique to reflect your product structure.

Adding A New Test To A Feature

When you create a test, simply select the feature you want to move it into using the drop-down from the 'New Test' modal. You can also create a new feature from here by dynamically typing it into the feature field.

Note: a test can only be in one feature at a time because it is intended to reflect functionality that is unique to a part of your product.

Add Test To A Feature Form The Test Level 

From the test level, you can add it to a feature by selecting the appropriate feature from the feature drop-down on the right hand side of the screen, found in the "Basic" tab.

Bulk or Single Add Tests to a Feature

From the 'All Tests' list: when you select the checkboxes on one or multiple tests, simply click “Move to Feature” in the action bar and then choose your feature.

Adding a Feature to a Run Group

Click into a Feature and click Run Feature then you'll have an option to add it to a run group.

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