Choose custom platforms and geolocation for each test

Test-Level Run Settings

Choose custom platforms and geolocation for each test

If you have complex platform and geolocation settings, you can specify platforms and geolocation at the test level. These settings are called “test-level run settings.”

How to Use Test-Level Run Settings

There are two steps to using test-level run settings:

  1. Specifying the settings for desired tests
  2. Running with test-level run settings

First, go to a test that needs a special browser or geolocation setting and click the “Edit” button next to “Test-Level Run Settings”. Select your settings in the modal and click “Save.”

Then, when you run the test, check the box found on the bottom left of the run modal, which says “Use run settings specified for each individual test”. The same option is available for run groups and features.

Note: If the box is left unchecked, the platforms and geolocation settings specified at the run or run group level will be used instead.

If this test is in a run group, the box must be checked as well when you create or edit the run group. If the box is checked, any tests in the run group that do not have test-level run settings specified will instead run with the account’s default platforms. Default platforms can be specified in Settings > Platforms. If the box is left unchecked, the run will use the run group’s platforms.

When to use Test-Level Platform Settings: 

Below are some examples of when test-level run settings can be helpful.

  • Browser-specific tests: Some tests are written specifically for a single browser. For example, “download PDF” instructions can differ for Chrome vs. Firefox. While you can set up a run group for each test, it can be easier to specify the platform at the test level and manage all tests in a single run group, using test-level run settings.
  • Transitioning from overly complex platform setup: in some cases, with many people contributing to the same account over time, test suites can inherit very complex browser settings.
  • Sometimes this happens as support for an older platform is deprecated on some tests, but not others, in a Rainforest 1.0 account. In this case, while it’s best to manage test suites with consistent platform settings across all tests, it might be helpful to use test-level run settings while transitioning. This would let you retain your current settings as you are in the process of ensuring that all run groups are properly set up.
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