Set up and configure test environments

It is very common for web applications to be deployed to various locations. The most common use case is to have a staging and production environment. Before deploying new code to all of your users, you deploy it to a staging server and test it there.

Setting Up Your Environments

You can set up your different environments on the sites page of the navigation menu. Click the 'gear' icon on the left-hand side of the page and then select 'sites.' Click the '(+) New Environment' icon to add a new environment.

You need to provide Rainforest with one URL for each cell on the matrix created by sites and environments that can be accessible to our testers. If your environment is be
behind a firewall, check out the list of IPs to whitelist for our testers to gain access.

The URL for your sites may be different for their specific environments so make sure to add the appropriate URL for that site in their unique environment.

To learn more about sites here.

Adding a webhook to your application

Once you've set up the webhook endpoint, simply enter the webhook address in your site settings page in Rainforest. To do so, simply check the webhook enabled box and input the correct URL and 'Save.'

Want to know more about Webhooks? Learn more about webhooks here.

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