Rainforest supports landscape mode for real devices. You can manually rotate the device via the “Rotate” button.

If the app forces the device to a certain screen orientation - the device will automatically rotate to the desired orientation (portrait or landscape). This works on both Android and iOS devices.

You Should Know

The rotation behaves slightly differently on some devices, depending on your testing needs, it can be helpful to take these cases into consideration when writing tests.

iPhone 5C, iPhone 7
Doesn't remember that landscape orientation was used when returning to a screen. For example:

  1. Go to view that allows landscape orientation and request it, e.g. Maps
  2. Leave back to a view that allows only portrait, e.g. Home screen
  3. Return back to view 1 and it will be displayed in portrait again

iPhone 7+, 8, 8+, X
Remembers that the device was in landscape and will return to it on every app view allowing it until the portrait orientation is requested.

For most apps, the device will remember a default orientation. If you open the app, rotate,  go home, then go back into the app, the orientation will stay the same.

Android 8 devices (Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Galaxy S9)
Rotation for Android 8 devices is not fully supported. Currently, if you attempt to rotate one of these devices, only a section of the screen is shown and the remainder is black.

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