Limit the number concurrent tester 

When a run is triggered, there is the potential that hundreds of individuals could access your environment simultaneously. Concurrent Tester Limit  allows you to control the number of individual testers that access your testing environment and  avoid instances where your server may overload.


To set the Concurrent Tester Limit page, select the following:

  • Settings (gear on left green navigation) 
  • Global Settings

To set Concurrent Tester Limit:

  1. Update the information in the Number of testers field.
    Tester range can be 5 - 500
  2. Select Save Global Settings to save

To remove Concurrent Tester Limit: 

  1. Clear the information in Number of testers field.
    Should now be BLANK
  2. Select Save Global Settings to save


  • Concurrent Tester Limit has a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 500 testers who can concurrently access your environment.*
  • Run length time due reaching maximum testers will increase.
  • Concurrent limits affects ALL tests and runs on your account.
  • Run success and failure criteria will be unchanged

*If you have any questions regarding Concurrent Tester Limit, or you need to set a value below 5 or over 500 please contact us at

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