Enabling geolocation settings for mobile devices

Instruct testers to set device location via GPS for both Android and iOS devices. This will make the testers appear to be from a specific location.

iOS GPS Services

Special Notes

  • For both iOS longitude and latitude settings, unicode and alphabetical characters are invalid.
  • Coordinates with a North or East designation should be entered with just numerical coordinates. Ex: “37.7749° N” and/or “37.7749° E” would translate to “37.7749.”
  • Coordinates with a South/West Designation should have their numerical coordinates entered with a ‘-’ before the numeric coordinates. Ex: “122.4194° S” or “122.4194° W” would translate to “-122.4194.”

Step Instructions

Add the following steps to your test

Step 1: In the operating system's top navigation bar, click on “Debug”

Did a menu appear with “Location” listed as the last option?

Step 2: Click on “Location” and then “Custom Location” from sub menu that appears

Did a modal titled “Custom Location” appear?

Step 3: Enter Latitude: “{{example_latitude}}” and Longitude: “{{example_longitude}}” then click “OK”

Did the "Custom Location" modal disappear?

Android Location Services

Step Instructions

Add the following steps to your test

Step 1: Locate the action bar to the next to the emulator. Select the more button (…).

Did the extended control popup appear?

Step 2: Start typing the name of a city and select it from the dropdown.

Did a pin appear on the map of the location that was searched for?

Step 3: Click the SET LOCATION button.

Did a message stating that the location has been set to the designated city appear briefly?

If you have questions about Mobile GPS services, please reach out to our support team at support@rainforestapp.com!

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