The Reporting page gives you visibility into the health of your test suite - a useful way to see what's happening in Rainforest and how it's being used by the entire team. This feature is accessed via the Reports icon the left navigation.

The top report provides information on active tests (tests that are able to be run), number of hours Rainforest users have actively tested in the last 30 days and the number of runs executed in the last 30 days as well.  


The Overview section gives you a high-level preview into your team’s activity within Rainforest.  Default information is shown for the last 4 months.  You can adjust and filter each card to show using the filter icon to show trends over various periods of time.

  • Tests created and edited
    Number of new tests and any tests that have been edited
  • Engagement with failed test results
  • Run pass rate over time
    How individual runs performed -- either no results, failed, or passed.

The Results section of the reporting page shows.  Each of these cards show a breakdown of tests that passed, failed or had no results.  Similar to the overview cards, you can filter these and change the timeframe shown on the cards. 

  • Run results by run group
    How did each run group perform - how many tests passed, failed or had no results.
  • Run results by environment
    How did run groups perform by environment -  - how many tests passed, failed or had no results.
  • Run results by feature
    How did each feature run perform  - how many tests passed, failed or had no results.

Information on results review and failure categorization are also shown.

  • Results - "Reviewed By" Stats
    Displays who on your team reviewed and categorized a result failure.
  • Results - Failure categories over time
    Displays how failures were categorized 

With these cards, you can see the distribution of failure categories including bugs, system issues and tests needing refactor. These numbers are pulled from the ‘Categorize Failure’ option on failed tests.  See Failure Categorization for more information.

Configuring Reports

You can also customize which reports are available. To configure the reports that are shown:

  1. Select Reports icon
  2. Select Customize which reports are shown here link
  3. Turn on and off the reports you wish to see
  4. Select < back to reports overview link to go back to main reports page.

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