A new tab on the Test Designer that filters for all blocked tests from both test writing and rewriting requests.

Blocked tests can occur while a request is in progress or a result of an auto-completed request. A blocked test can be the results of environment issues, missing instructions, invalid login credentials, or even bugs.

The blocked tests tab on the Test Designer provides users with one view that displays all of their blocked tests. This makes it much easier to discover which tests are in need of attention and helps streamline the process of unblocking tests.

The blocked tests tab will appear when a user clicks into the Test Designer. If the account has any blocked tests they will appear inside the "Blocked Tests" tab and in the list, it will indicate if the test is from a test writing and rewriting request. Users can click into a test to unblock and resume progress and then navigate back to the tab to unblock any other tests. To unblock a test, check out this article on Test Writing Status.

If the account does not have any blocked tests, the blocked tests tab will be empty on the test designer sub-navigation menu.

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