What is the Test Designer?

Now you can initiate a Test Designer run from a dedicated page by outlining high level information about the desired tests and receive green tests within 3-4 days.

The Test Designer (TD) lets users get ramped up quickly with Rainforest with a fraction of the effort currently needed for test writing. Through this, users can request 10-20 tests and get these tests back in a passing state. This means that the Test Designer gives users tests that can be added to their test suite for execution without an immediate need for refactoring.

How to use the Test Designer?

To use the Test Designer, users can follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Test Builder page from the left navigation bar  – this is where the Test Designer lives.
  • Click on the “New Test Suite Request” button. Start by choosing your desired inputs - either text outlines or video recordings of each test flow. You will then be directed to a kickoff page where you first give your run a name, provide a high level description and share credentials with testers, if necessary. Follow this link if you wish to import tests from TestRail.
  • Fill out the test outline form. This should include a descriptive title – something that can identify the test in one sentence – the URL to the testing environment, and a brief but descriptive test outline for each test. The outline can be as simple as a step-by-step instruction for the functionality, or it can be very descriptive. We’ve included several examples below. Add new tests to this suite and fill out the above details for each of them. If you opted to use video recordings, please include an accessible link to your recording for testers to follow.
  • Submit the run by hitting “Submit”. Rainforest will assign test authors and reviewers to create the requested suite, delivering back passing tests in 3-5 working days. Each of the tests generated by the Test Designer are written and reviewed by a team of trained test writers that get to know the client’s application over time. 

How does the Test Designer work today?

We are leveraging the top testers in our tester community to review, write and run your tests for you. This is how the test designer works:

  1. Submission. Users fill out the form provided in the UI and submit the test writing run. We recommend submitting 10-20 tests.
  2. Input review. Rainforest immediately assigns a reviewer to review, clean up and confirm that the inputs are high quality enough. If the inputs are not high quality, they will be rejected and sent back to the customer. (24 hours)
  3. Test writing and running. The reviewer will assign as many testers as are needed to complete the run (up to four). Each tester will spend 4 hours writing and optimizing the test – this means the tester will run tests and get them to a passing state. (48 hours)
  4. Output review. Reviewers will then review the output and make any final adjustments. (24 hours)
  5. Receive tests. Once the reviewer is done, the tests are received by the client in their RF account.

What kind of information do users need to provide for a successful run?

The most critical component that can define a successful or unsuccessful run is the submission. To ensure a high quality output, we recommend following these guidelines:

  • Check that the environment you’re using works. This is a very common source of issues preventing successful test delivery. This could mean anything from allowing testers to log in, all the way to the environment not throwing up serious issues while testers are using related features or functionalities.
  • Provide credentials if they’re needed.
  • Provide enough detail for testers to follow instructions. There should be detailed instructions on what the tester should do. If testers do not have enough information, they will make assumptions to move forward and this may not align with the desired outcome.
  • Avoid business and sector-specific jargon. 

Below are some good examples of Test Outlines that have yielded green tests on first run:

  • “Ensure that when the user is in the My Pay section, that clicking on the dependent will expand to reveal more information. Also make sure that the eye icon will show/hide the SSN of the dependent as well as the SSN of the employee in the upper right corner of the my profile page. "Click on "my pay" from the dashboard. Click on all of the links under Financial tools and verify that each page takes you to the correct calculator. Ensure that each page loads properly."
  • “Please verify the following elements on the page work: All Links/buttons on the main article of the page. This includes all buttons/links below/next to/on the image carousel/hero image. Snippets (links to other articles) below the main article. Clicking on the image, clicking article's title, and Read more link. Links to other pages like Related articles, or any other links to the right of the main article. Do not check any dynamic content like news articles, events, videos.” 
  • “The context of this test is to check the Manage Business Hours function for both Doctors and Assistants. Go to www.fakeurl.com. Doctors and assistants are able to set the Business hours. It can be set for each clinic associated to the user, they can be set for a day or they can be repeated in a defined interval. Also users are able to remove the availability by hand. [Relevant screenshot inserted here]” 

What will I be notified once my tests are completed?

  • The Test Designer will provide users with a summary report providing information about the output of their test writing requests. The report provides a breakdown of the tests requested, tests written, tests passing, and any tests that are blocked. The report highlights any test that requires the client’s attention — from resolving blockers, to incorporating tests into their testing suite. Additionally, the report will highlight any bugs found during the writing process
  • The report will be sent to automatically via email upon the conclusion of each test writing request. The report will be sent directly to the individual that requested the tests.
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