Draft Tests

Draft Mode provides you the ability to quickly validate a test prior to incorporating it into your broader test suite. When a test is run in Draft Mode, testers will provide feedback that you may incorporate into the test to further improve it prior to publishing and adding to your run groups.

Draft Mode enables you to:

  • Author passing tests faster by decreasing feedback loops
  • Utilize an improved workflow for moving new tests into a passing state
  • Separate tests that are still being worked on from tests that are live and running

It is important to note that any test you create in Rainforest will start in a Draft state (except when creating a test via the CLI or DevX). This allows you to create tests while ensuring that they won't accidentally get run alongside Published tests or block an existing Run Group. Once you are ready to set the test live, you can Publish it knowing that your test is accurately written and ready to provide QA coverage. 

Determining if a test is in a Draft state

  • A DRAFT label appears next to the test title
  • A yellow banner at the top noting: This test is currently in draft state and is disabled from running until published.
  • Run button is displayed as Run Draft
  • Tests shown on the Tests page have a yellow square with a pencil

Running a Draft Test

When running a Draft Test, it can only be run on a single browser. The testers will validate the integrity of the test and pass or fail it as appropriate. Their focus is to provide feedback in hopes of ensuring that your test will not only pass but also have clear instructions that enable it to effectively run against the testing crowd.

With that in mind, to begin a draft run simply follow the below steps:

  1. Select Run Draft
  2. Select a browser from the pop-up window.
    NOTE: A test may only be run on a single browser in Draft Mode
  3. Select Confirm

Draft Results

After a draft test is completed, the result of the run can be found on the Draft Runs page.

To navigate to this page you may follow the below pathway:

  1. Select Results
  2. Select Draft Runs 
  3. Comments left by testers are indicated by a BLUE chat icon

To view feedback from testers (after it has been run), click the comment icon to see any comments that were left by the tester. The comments may apply to the test as a whole or even specific to individual steps.  

Setting to Published

Once you are satisfied with the test you may publish it.  Unlike a draft run, published tests are run using multiple testers and have the ability to be simultaneously run on multiple browsers. You will still receive feedback from testers when necessary, but it will focus on the rationale behind why a test passed or failed.

To set a test to published, once you are in the test:

  1. Select Publish OR
  2. Select the Down Arrow next to Run Draft and select Publish Test

Setting to a Draft State

In the event that you want to return a published test back into a draft state, you have the opportunity to do this at any point in time.

To set a test to Draft, once you are on the test page:

  1. Select Down Arrow next to Run and select Set Test to Draft 

Draft Run Results

Draft run results will prioritize surfacing results that provide tester feedback so you can review and update your tests accordingly.

If there is no feedback from testers, this is a good sign that your test is ready to be published! While draft runs will only display one of the tester's results, the other tester results can be reviewed by clicking the link to show the rejected results.

CLI Functionality for Draft and the Published States

The draft feature is available for CLI and DevX users. New tests uploaded or created via the CLI or API do NOT start in the draft state automatically though.

To set a test to a Draft state, use the headers # state: draft.

For more information on the Rainforest CLI, please see our CLI documentation.

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