What should I include in my video walkthrough?

Video walkthroughs should be a recording of your screen or window that walks through the functional test you want created. We recommend Cloudapp or Loom(video creation tools) for easy recording and sharing of video file URLs. To help clarify what needs to be written, be sure to narrate the actions you are taking and the expected results you need verified in the test.

Here is an example video of a video walkthrough for amazon.com.

It is encouraged to say what set up, embedded tests to use if you know, variables to use if you know, and/or specific tags you want added to the test in the walkthrough videos themselves, or you can use the Additional Notes section of the test outline form.

How do I upload a video file?

There is no need to directly upload your video to the Test Designer. To provide access to your video walkthrough, host it somewhere accessible and paste the link where your video can be watched into the Link to Video field.

The video URL will be shared with the test author who will write the test. When the test author navigates to the URL, they should be able to view the video in the browser.

Note: If you store your videos using Google Drive, be sure to set the sharing permissions to “anyone with the link can view”).

Can I submit 1 video for multiple tests?

To receive the highest quality tests that map to your expectation of what you want tested, we encourage creating individual small-in-scope walkthroughs that map 1 video to 1 test each. If you choose to submit 1 video for multiple tests, it is best to:

  1. Create unique videos for each test you wish to be created
  2. Paste the video URL into the Link to Video field
  3. Indicate the beginning and ending timestamp in the Additional Notes section where the test begins and ends (Test title – Account Settings: Change Team. Additional Notes – 1:32-2:45, for example)

Do I need to describe the test in the Additional Notes section in addition to sharing a video?

No, you only need to submit the video walkthrough. If you forgot a step, or want to clarify something, or provide supplemental information, use the Additional Notes field to share clarifying information for the test authors. There is no need to create a video walkthrough and describe the test in detail in writing.

Do I need to narrate the videos, or is simply showing what to click on enough?

You must narrate the video. This is necessary for understanding what you want to be verified during a test.

How do the tests get written?

Your video walkthroughs are reviewed for clarity, written by trained test authors, run and optimized to pass on a platform of your choosing, and returned to you.

If at any point the tests are blocked due to environment issues, missing data, a bug in your app, etc, we will ask for your assistance to unblock the issue. etc, we will unblock the issue and may ask for your assistance.

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