When reviewing your test results, if you come across tests that need to be rewritten for any reason - unclear instructions or updates to your environment - you can simply click a button to send these tests over to us to be rewritten by a team of trained test writers. Additionally, if you want to edit tests because of a product update or a UI change, this is an easy way to have Rainforest test writers to update the tests for you.

To submit a test for rewriting, click into a failed test result and set the Failure Category to “Needs Refactor” as your category, you will now see an option to send the test over to Rainforest to be rewritten.

You will be required to fill out the instructions to help our test writers quickly and efficiently rewrite your tests for you and to minimize any blockers they may come across. Be sure to mention which steps in your test need to be updated and what your desired outcome is.

For proactive rewriting use cases, such as updating tests when your product or UI has changed, you can now do this from All Tests page or the individual tests page.

In the All Tests page, select one or more tests that you'd like to send over to Rainforest for rewriting and you'll notice a new button in the action bar title "Rewrite". Follow in the instructions (in a modal exactly like the one in the screenshot above) to request rewrites for the selected tests.

Alternatively, you can send a test rewrite request to Rainforest from the individual test page using the new "Rewrite" button in the header.

You will be able to send up to 20 tests per rewrite request. Once these tests are completed returned back to you, you can pick another set (of 20 or less tests) to be rewritten. Track the progress of your rewrite requests by navigating to the Test Builder and clicking into the Rewriting tab.

This feature is available to all Test Designer users.

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