Inject dynamic data into your tests easily

Step Variables are a simple way to inject dynamic data into your test steps. These variables are placeholders that are replaced with data when a tester executes one of your tests:

Rainforest supports 5 different types of step variables:

  • Built-in variables: These variables are built in to Rainforest and generate things like random first name, random email, or random social security number.
  • Custom variables: These variables allow you to share static values across multiple steps and tests. You might create a custom variable called "my_app.title" and define it as a specific value you'll want to reuse. You could then drop in the placeholder variable anywhere you need, without needing to remember or retype the value.
  • Tabular variables: These variables allow you to assign each tester a unique value. The most common use-case for tabular variables is assigning unique login credentials to each tester a unique login to avoid different testers' work from influencing potential.
  • Social variables: Social variables automatically trigger the generation of test Facebook accounts upon run initiation.
  • SMS variables: Insert SMS variable to test your app's ability to send text messages to a device.

How to use step variables

Within the step editor, click '{} step variables' to bring up the step variables menu:

Click on any of the step variable groups to reveal all the step variables within it:

Finally, click the variable you wish to insert.

The placeholder will be replaced with the dynamic value whenever the testers see it in the test. Preview the test to see for yourself!

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