Select individual test failures to export to JIRA

Rainforest now lets you send individual test failures to JIRA from the results page using an “Export Issue” button. This feature lets you choose which test failures to export, rather than exporting all failures automatically. This is helpful for customers that wish to have more control over which failures to share with fellow team members.


To use this feature, navigate to Settings > Integrations and under the “Test Failure” section, check the “Enable Manual Error Reporting” checkbox in the JIRA section.

Please note: You must have a functioning JIRA integration set up beforehand for this feature to work. 

Once you check the “Enable Manual Reporting” box with a working JIRA integration, a JIRA icon will show up in each failed test result screen.

To export the failed test result to JIRA, click the JIRA icon and click the “Export Issue” button.

If there are multiple browser failures, you may select which browsers to include in your ticket. Only one ticket is generated each time you click the “Export Issue” button. As such, if you select multiple browsers, that single ticket will contain information from each selected browser.

What's Included in the Created JIRA Ticket

In the JIRA ticket description, you’ll find:

  • The failed test steps
  • A screenshot from the failed step
  • Link to HTTP logs from each tester

If you have any questions about this feature, please reach out to us at

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