Receive run notifications in HipChat Rooms

Rainforest supports notifying you and your team of results directly in HipChat as they happen.

What will I be notified of?

Once the integration is set up, it will be possible to receive notifications when runs complete, when tests fail, if the run encounters an error before completing or when a webhook fails. Each notification sent to your HipChat chatroom will have a link that will take you directly to your results in the Rainforest Dashboard.

Setting up HipChat with Rainforest

  1. Choose the room you'd like notifications to go to
  2. Go to and copy the room ID
  3. Follow the documentation to your HipChat Room Notification Token. Please Note: you will need a "v1" style token, not the newer v2.
  4. Enter the room ID and the HipChat Room Notification Token into Rainforest in your Integration Settings for the event you'd like to notified about.

If you have any questions or feedback about our HipChat integration, please let us know at!

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