Get Rainforest notifications in Slack

Rainforest supports notifying you and your team of results directly in Slack as they happen. Visit your Integrations tab to get Slack notifications for Run Completions, Run Errors, Webhook Timeouts, and Test Failures.

You can also filter notifications by tags or folders if you prefer to get specific notifications.

How to Setup

The Slack administrator will have to configure the integration. First, go to the Auto-Fill Settings tab to insert the URL for the correct channel for which you'd like to get Slack notifications.

Then, go back to the Integrations tab to customize the URL if you'd like to receive notifications in different channels. Click on (Expand) to insert a different URL.

You will receive Slack notifications like the one below:

Slack notification for when a run is completed successfully

What each notification contains

  • Run Completion (pictured above) includes a summary of the run name, when it was started, the environment it ran against, duration, and a link to see all the passing tests
  • Run Error will inform you when any run has an error, alongside a helpful message explaining what the error was
  • Test Failure: this notifies you of individual test failures, and includes a link to the test and tester comments directly in Slack, along with a link to the failing test. It's useful if you have a mature, stable test suite and not recommended if you expect many individual test failures. Proceed with caution!

Additionally, if you would like to receive system status notifications to a slack channel, add our RSS feed.

/feed subscribe

Visit this link for more details.

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