Providing discrete and randomized data to testers

Built-in variables can be used anywhere within your test steps to automatically generate discrete values for testers to enter.

Within a signup test, for example, you might use the built-in variables for random first name, random last name and random email to give testers real data to enter. You could then easily confirm that these values rendered properly within your app!

How to use built-in variables

Within the step editor, click '{} step variables' to bring up the step variables menu:

Click on any of the step variable groups to reveal all the step variables within it:

Finally click the variable you wish to insert.

Built-in variables

Rainforest has a large number of ready-to-use variables. Unique character string ending in domain


random.inbox: Static URL paired with in the format:{{unique character string}}


Note: Within a test, each tester will be assigned a paired random.inbox to the value. These must be used together within a test for random.inbox to work properly.

random.first_name: exactly how it sounds!

ex: Korbin

random.last_name: exactly how it sounds!

ex: Cartwright

random.full_name: exactly how it sounds!

ex: Korbin Cartwright 

random.password: Random 8 character combinations of numbers, lowercase letters and capital letters

ex: y2ehSMZ6

random.image: a URL link to an image hosted on AWS S3. You could ask testers to save or copy the image to test an image upload functionality


  • Note: The image is a hosted file, and when the link is opened in a new tab you'll be shown the image. To have tester download the image, please include the below are sample instructions:

Sample Step
Action: In a new tab open ##{{random.image}}. Right click on the image and click Save as and then click the Save button in the modal that appears.
Question: Was the image downloaded and saved successfully?

random.number: a number in the range of 1 to 1,000,000,000 (inclusive of 1 and 1,000,000,000)

ex: 848598698

ex: 848598698

random.phone_number: 10 digit phone number including area code

ex: 561-470-3549

random.address_line1: exactly how it sounds!

ex: Serenity Estates 

random.address_line2: Apartment, Suite, Office number

ex: Apt. 992

random.address_city: exactly how it sounds!

ex: Lake Astridton

random.address_state: exactly how it sounds!

ex: Georgia

random.address_zip: 9 zip code

ex: 93661 or 93661-0123

random.address_zip5: 5 zip code

ex: 93661

random.address_country: exactly how it sounds!

ex: Colombia

random.ssn: 8 digit number

ex: 306-18-8104 exactly how it sounds!

ex: Schoen LLC Inc

Common use cases

The most obvious way to use step variables is for discrete signup credentials.

There are many ways to use built-in variables, so please get in touch if you're not sure how to best take advantage of this feature!

For information about other sorts of variables used in rainforest tests check out the following links:

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