Frequently asked questions regarding upgrade to Rainforest 2.0 for existing Rainforest customers.

Q: Where can I find my scheduled runs?

A: Runs can now be scheduled through run groups. Simply create a new run group or edit an existing run group, and add a schedule and save.

Run groups can contain a combination of features, saved filters and individual tests. If you had previously scheduled a run from a tag or smart folder, you can run those same tests through a schedule in a run group.

Q: Where can I find my smart folders?

A: Smart folders are now called saved filters and show up in the Tests section of Rainforest, on the left navigation menu. If you had been running a smart folder through the CLI, you can keep doing so as the ID will not change.

Q: How are features, run groups, and saved filters different?

A: Features are intended to be used to organize tests into features, so you can get visibility on test coverage for your product. Run groups are used to organize your tests into smoke, regression or other test suites that you intend on running as a group.

One common practice is to organize your smoke suite into a “Smoke” run group, and your regression suite into a “Regression” run group. For the regression suite, you can add all your features to make sure your entire test suite is covered. Any tests that are broken or in draft form can be disabled so that they do not run when the run group is triggered.

Saved filters can be used to create custom views on various cross sections of your test suite, or to create temporary views as you are building our coverage. Some examples include:

  • Draft: Tag tests as “draft” and create a saved filter. As you finish writing tests, untag them. The "Draft” saved filter can work as a to-do list.
  • Archived: Tag old tests “archived” and create a saved filter, rather than deleting the tests.
  • Fred: If you are actively writing or refactoring tests and divvying up tasks, tag them with the assignee’s name and create a saved filter for it. As they finish their task, they can untag.
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