Rate the performance of individual testers at the step level

The Rainforest Tester Rating System allows you to provide feedback on how a tester performed at any step of a completed test. You can either give a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down and provide a note as to why you gave the tester the rating.

Rainforest uses your feedback to quickly identify issues that affect test quality. Upon reviewing the data collected, Rainforest proactively improves the quality of results by identifying areas for further training and instances of tester inconsistency.

Thumbs-up is the best possible rating, indicating outstanding performance. These good ratings usually include helpful comments and possibly an uncovering a previously unknown bug for you.

At the other end, a thumbs-down rating is the lowest possible rating and indicates that the tester performed poorly at this step.

Can testers see my ratings?

Testers cannot see their individual ratings, total rating or any comments submitted. Comments are reviewed by Rainforest management and this information is used to identify any issues with specific testers.

My rating was wrongfully submitted. Can I change it?

If you or someone on your team has submitted an incorrect rating, or if you wish to update your rating, you can re-rate that tester’s performance. Simply refresh the page and click the appropriate thumb rating and the rating will be updated.

If you have any questions, please let us know at support@rainforestqa.com .

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