Access troubleshooting information at the browser level

Rainforest currently can provide browser logs for regression tests run against Chrome HD (Windows) and OSX Chrome HD VMs. Browser logs include both HTTP logs at the browser level as well as a wealth of other helpful information such as JS (Javascript) Console Logs.

To access browser logs of a test run on a Chrome Virtual Machine (VM) click into a test in a run's results. Next, click into the result of interest and then on a screenshot to reveal the detailed results modal for that tester. In the detailed results modal, in the bottom right corner you will see "Download (tester)'s Browser Log". To view these browser logs, click this link.

Things to note:

  • Browser logs open in the same browser tab used for Rainforest.
  • Browser logs for Android Mobile Web tests (because they are run in Chrome), are not available today.

If you have any questions about Chrome browser logs, please let us know at

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