Follow the status of runs in progress through screenshots

Real-time screenshots allow users to monitor their in-progress runs by returning screenshots taken as testers complete steps while executing tests. As screenshots become available, they will be marked as "in progress" until the entire run is complete.

Real-time screenshots can be viewed in the detailed results view of a test while it is in progress. By clicking on the 3 dot ' . . . ' icon in a browser column, it will be possible to view screenshots captured as testers complete the test.

You may notice the following phenomenon with real-time screenshots:

  • Screenshots blinking as they're loading live
  • Delay in between when different screenshots arrive - this corresponds to the timeline during which testers are completing the test
  • Screenshots appearing and then disappearing - screenshots may appear and then disappear if Rainforest algorithms determine that the tester was not testing according to the test directions.

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