The Platforms page shows all available browsers and platforms that you have access to and also allow you to determine which, if any are set as the default(s).

Selecting a browser / platform as a default means that it will be automatically selected for executing tests. It can be overwritten at the test and run group level. However if you have a standard brower(s) you always want to run against, it is suggested you set it as a default on this page.  


To get to the Platforms page, select the following:

  • Settings (gear on left green navigation)
  • Platforms 

Platform Types

Platforms are groups into one of the following types:

  • Desktop Browsers
    VMs with browsers running on standard desktop operating systems such as Windows and OS X.
  • Mobile Platforms
    VMs or devices running Android or iOS.
  • Other Platforms
    Miscellaneous VMs such as those that include Microsoft Office.

Each platform lists the following:

  • Default
    If checked, the browser / platform will, by default be used to run the test without having to select it.

    Tip: If there are specific platforms you always want to run tests with, ensure that those platforms are checked. You may change the browser / platforms at the test and run levels as well if needed.
  • Icon
    Icon that represents the browser or platform through the Rainforest application. Anytime you see the icon, hover on it to see details about the browser.
  • Browser / Platform
    The actual browser or platform details.
  • Version
    Version of the browser or platform.
  • OS Version
    OS that the browser or platform is running on.
  • COST (Credits)
    The cost, in credits to run a single test step on the selected browser or platform.
    Note: this is only applicable if you are on a credit based plan.

Available Browsers and Platforms

Rainforest provides an ever updating list of browsers and platforms.

It is suggested that you only have those browsers that are relevant to your testing needs listed on this page to avoid confusion.  

As newer versions are available, they will automatically be added to the list.

For a full list of browsers and platforms, or to add or remove specific items to your available list, please contact support@rainforestqa.com.  

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