The Billing function of Rainforest enables a team member the opportunity to input a credit card for billing, update the credit card on file for subscription payments, or change an account's billing email address. If you have an invoice billing arrangement with Rainforest, please contact support@rainforestqa.com or your CSM to update your billing.   

  • Settings (gear icon on the left-hand side of the screen)
  • Billing 

Enter New Credit Card / Update Existing Card Details  

  1. Enter Card Number
  2. Enter Expiration date (MM / YY)
  3. Enter CVC (code on the back of the card, typically 3 digits)
  4. Select Update Credit Card

Note: The credit card will only be added/updated when all required card information has been provided and no errors were determined.  

Billing Email Address
Having the appropriate billing email on file enables all related materials to be directed to the correct owner; lessening the need for unnecessary back and forth.

Enter / Update Billing Email Address

  1. Enter Billing Email
  2. Select Update billing email

Note: if there are any issues with the email, and error note will be presented. Otherwise, the email will be updated.

General Considerations 

  • If there are ever any small issues with billing, such as problems with your credit card payments, please don't hesitate to chat us and we can talk through any impediments!
  • For any major billing-related inquiries, please reach us at ar@rainforestqa.com.
  • If you want to change the method of your payment (i.e. from invoice to credit card) or you wish to cancel your subscription, simply contact us via Intercom (blue chat icon) at the bottom right of your screen and a member of our team can facilitate the update.
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