Rainforest Test Language (RTL) is built on the combination of Actions and Targets.  Think of them as verbs and nouns.  Click (Action / Verb) on the Red button (Target / Noun).

Targets are UI Elements on your page Buttons, Text Fields,links etc.  These elements are what the actions will be "done to" - such as clicking on the SUBMIT button.

See Rainforest Test Language: Targets for an overview of Targets and their usage.

Target Types

Following are the specific Target Types that RTL supports and their general usage.  Please note that various types work very similarly but are broken out to make management easier and to aide in OCR operations.      

An element that is meant to be clicked to induce an action.
Examples: Submit button, Enroll button, Cancel button 

Text Field
An area where text can be entered
Examples: Search field, First Name, Email address

Dropdown Option
The actual options when the dropdown is selected
Examples: List of states, List of Months, List of Years

An element that can be clicked to induce an action
Similar to a button - but it visually may not look as obvious
Examples: More Information, Contact Us, View

A visual element that may or may not be clicked to induce an action or is presented as a result of other actions Similar to a button - but may or may not have an action that occurs when selected.
Examples: Company logo, avator, magnifying glass 

A square box that can be checked or unchecked to denote that the corresponding item is accepted or not.
Examples: Acceptance, selection of specific item

An element, usually at the top of the page that has higher importance.
Examples:  For pages that have articles, the article title or perhaps the whole banner that shows at the top of a site.  

A popup or other area, similar to a modal
Example: A popup window 

A modal window that appears.
Example:  Confirmation of an action that displays over the main screen  "Are you sure you want to delete this item [Yes] [No]".  

Specific text that is displayed to the user.  Any text or passage displayed to the user
Example: An article or descriptive text.

UI Element
Anything that doesn't necessarily fall into any of the other Target Categories
Examples: picture or graphic 

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