The Pricing and Budgeting page is a great tool to help you more concretely forecast your cost range based on what areas you plan to leverage with Rainforest.  Estimates are based off of average test running and creating times.  Longer more complicated tests will cost more, shorter less complicated tests will cost less


To get to the Pricing and Budgeting page, select the following:

  • Settings (gear on left green navigation)
  • Pricing and Budgeting

Pricing & Budgeting Breakdown

Rainforest pricing has four components.  As you adjust how you plan to use Rainforest, Manual Regression, Automation and Test Writing will update.

  • Manual Regression Testing - Tests executed by Rainforest’s global tester community.  Real professionals deployed across the globe - always available to run your tests 24 x 7 x 365. On average three separate testers review the tests to ensure quality results.
  • Automated Regression Testing - Tests executed using Rainforest’s Automation. Quicker and less expensive. Run tests more often.
  • Rainforest Test Writing - Leverage Rainforest Test Authors to write and maintain your tests.  Let Rainforest maintain your suite while you concentrate on shipping software.
  • Platform Fee - base fee for access to Rainforest.

Estimate your cost based on usage

Rainforest cost is based on several factors, but it comes down to how many tests, how often and on how many platforms you wish to run your tests.  Additionally, leveraging Rainforest Test Writing Service is also taken into account.  

To estimate cost based on usage

  1. Select either the Weekly Release or Daily Release presets or just start adjusting the various factors to meet your test needs
  2. View updates to pricing above 

Pricing Presets

  • Weekly Releases Less Automation
    Good starting point if you plan to run your tests weekly without Automation.  Adjust the settings further  based on how you think you will use Rainforest
  • Daily Releases, More Automation
    If you plan to release on a daily basis, you may want to take advantage of Rainforest Automation.  You can further configure the settings to meet your budget and how you plan to use Rainforest.   

Test Suite  Utilization

  • Runs  
    How often you expect to run the tests per month.  
    Do you release once a week or once a day or multiple times a day? 
  • Tests  
    The number of tests you plan to include per run.
    Do you plan to run all your tests or specific subsets of your test suite per run
  • Platforms  
    The number of platforms (browsers) you plan to run each test on per each run.  
  • Automation  
    Of the tests you plan to run, what percentage do you anticipate doing so using Rainforest Automation.  
  • Test Writing  
    The number of tests you want Rainforest to write or refactor per month.  
    Take advantage of Rainforest’s expert test writers.  We’ll write tests for you and we’ll even update tests that have failed.  
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