The Settings section of Rainforest is the hub of where you configure and control how your organization and Rainforest will interact.  The various areas within Settings allow you to customize who and how you will work within the application.

To get to the Settings section, select the following

  • Settings (gear on left green navigation)

You will start at My Account - but may navigate to any other page.  

Settings is broken up into the following pages:

  • My Account
    General settings, email and password settings, timezone, github and Accessibility settings
  • Billing
    Billing contact email and Credit Card information (if applicable)
  • Team
    Team Name, team member management
  • Usage
    Credit and general Rainforest usage
  • Platforms
    Browsers and platform availability and default 
  • Scheduled Run Group
    View and edit scheduled run groups
  • Integrations
    View and edit available integrations along with API Token information
  • Tags
    View, edit and delete tags you have created 
  • Sites
    View, edit and delete Environments and Sites
  • Step Variables
    Listing of available variables
  • Global Settings
    Popup Rules and Concurrent Tester Limit settings
  • Docs
    Links directly to help.rainforestqa.com
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