Visit this link to get an overview about what the Test Writing Service is all about!

How to use the Test Writing Service

To use the Test Writing Service (TWS), you can follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Test Writing Service page from the left navigation bar. This is where the Test Writing Service lives.
  • Click on the “New Test Suite Request” button at the top right. 
  • You can submit text outlines or video recordings of each test flow. 
  • You will then be directed to a Request Info page where you first give your test writing request a name and some high-level description of the test suite writing request. Select the appropriate language (Plain English or Rainforest Automation), if applicable.
  • You can also select a TestRail Import of your test cases, follow this link if you wish to import tests from TestRail.
  • Fill out the System Info page. This includes the base URL for the test cases, login credentials if necessary, and the platform you’d like your tests optimized for. The test writers will preview, write, and optimize the test to pass on the selected platform.
  • Fill out the test outline form. This will include a descriptive title – something that can identify the test in one sentence, the URL to the testing environment, and a brief but thorough test outline for each test. The outline can be as simple as a step-by-step instruction for the functionality, or it can be a guide on how to navigate through the site to complete the test. Visit this link to learn more about best practices! Add more tests to this test writing request by clicking the + New Test button, and fill out the details for each of them. If you opted to use video recordings, please include an accessible link to the recordings for test writers to follow.
  • Click “Submit” to initiate the test writing request. Rainforest will assign test writers to create the requested test cases, delivering back tests in 3-5 working days. Each of the tests generated by the TWS are written and reviewed by a team of trained test writers. The same team is assigned on every request so the test writers get to know the client’s application over time. 

Queued Requests

Users can also submit a new test writing request even if there is a request that is currently in progress. This request will be added to the queue. As soon as the current request is completed and returned, the next request in the queue will automatically be sent in for test writing.

To do this, you just need to repeat the steps above with new test cases and click the Submit button to queue the request.

All queued requests can be tracked in the Queued tab on your Test Writing Service page.

Below are some good examples of Test Outlines that have yielded passing tests on first run:

  • “Please verify the following elements on the page work: All Links/buttons on the main article of the page. This includes all buttons/links below/next to/on the image carousel/hero image. Snippets (links to other articles) below the main article. Clicking on the image, clicking article's title, and Read more link. Links to other pages like Related articles, or any other links to the right of the main article. Do not check any dynamic content like news articles, events, videos.” 
  • “The context of this test is to check the Manage Business Hours function for both Doctors and Assistants. Go to Doctors and assistants are able to set the Business hours. It can be set for each clinic associated to the user, you can do this by going to Settings > Business hours. The hours can be set for a day or they can be repeated in a defined interval. Also users are able to remove the availability themselves.” 
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