Step variables (our generic term for all variables we support) are a simple way to inject dynamic data into your tests. When added, the variable acts as a placeholder; when a tester executes your test, they will see the value that corresponds to the variable you’ve inserted. 

Please read our Step Variables Overview page to learn more about our available variables and for details about set-up. 

How to insert Step Variables into a test

  1. Within the step editor in a test, click {} step variables to bring up the step variables menu. The variables shown will be grouped by type (e.g. custom variable, tabular variable, etc):

2. Click on any of the step variable groups to reveal all the step variables within it:

3. Finally, click the variable you wish to insert.

The placeholder e.g. {{myvariable.name}} will be replaced with the actual value whenever the testers see it in the test. Want to see for yourself? Go ahead and Preview your test by following the steps in the Gif below!

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