Rainforest Automation is Rainforest's unique and powerful Automation offering.  

Easy to write tests
Rainforest Automation leverages Rainforest Test Language (RTL) is a simple to use, yet powerful automation authoring language.  By simply selecting object types and actions and selecting elements on your own application, you can quickly create tests

No coding necessary
Rainforest Automation is simple to use and update.  No coding or coding skills required.  Simply select element on the page such as a text box or button that you want to interaction with and then indicate what you want to do such as fill it with specific text or click it.  

One Platform
Unlike other offerings, you can manage both your manual and automated tests on a single platform, run them together and see results in one place.

UI Layer matching
Rainforest Automation leverages the UI of your application as compared to the DOM level.  This allows flexibility for when underlying code changes occur, your tests will remain stable and pass.

Write once, run automated or manual
RTL has so much flexibility.  Unlike other solutions, RTL allows you to write a test once and then, depending upon your needs you may either run it in an Automated fashion, or if needed can be run using the highly trained Rainforest Crowd.  This flexibility allows for the speed and cost savings of Automation, but allows you to leverage the insight and expertise of experienced testers.  

Run Automated and Manual tests simultaneously
As RTL is fully integrated into the Rainforest platform, you may run a combination of automated and non-automated tests together in a single action.  Rainforest will automatically select how to run the tests.

Full integration with Rainforest Test Designer
RTL was built to be used with Rainforest Test Designer.   Concentrate on your test strategy and let us write your tests for you.  

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