Customizing your view of the All Tests page

To keep test suites up to date and maintained, Rainforest has a variety of searches and filters that allow you to search and/or filter for the tests you need to access.

Customize your test view columns

Click the gear icon at the top right to adjust the columns that you want to see.  You can change both what is and isn't shown and the order as well by moving the available fields.


Searching is essential for finding tests that need updating due to app changes, optimization, bugs, or failures.

If the Search panel isn't open, select the "three lines" at the top to expand the search selection.  You may search on multiple criteria. Search parameters are "and".  So "Test Priority = P1" AND "State = Draft" will return those tests where the priority is P1 and the State is Draft.


Filters can be combined with searches, or used on their own. These are powerful tools for trimming down results from a search, or quickly getting to tests that share a commonality.

Saved Filters allow users to access their test suite easier and faster by creating a refined view of select test cases. Here's a quick video on how to create a Saved Filter:

More details about Saved Filters can be found here.


Allows you to filter by a particular test owner on your team

Allows you to see the result of the test on its latest run. No Result will not show up

Allows you to only see tests that are attached to certain tags. You can filter for multiple tags.

See what tests are attached to a feature

Run Group
Allows you to only see tests that are inside a particular run group

Test Priority
Select to view your highest priority test cases

Embedded Status
Filtering by Embedded Test or Regular Test allows you to see if a test is embedded into another test or not.

Allows you to see tests that have been marked as Draft or Enabled or Disabled.

  • The draft state is the first state of newly created tests when they're still being written.
  • The test can be published after it's fully written, which would make it the enabled state. This state allows the test to be run as a part of a run group.
  • If there is a known bug or any reason a test should not be run, then it can be disabled.

Test Type
Allows you to see only your Web Tests or your Mobile tests. This is particularly helpful for teams that have multiple apps or teams working within Rainforest.

See only tests that are relevant to a particular site ( web app vs Amazon consumer iOS app, for example)

Find tests that contain a particular variable. This is helpful for updating tests that have a variable that has changed, or figuring out which tests are problematic because of a variable issue.

Exploratory Run

  • Only for users who have Exploratory testing enabled
  • Allows you to see bugs that were created from particular Exploratory runs
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