Filter by tags and save as a custom view

If you need to create a custom list of tests that you will need to revisit, you can do so using tags and saved filters. To do so, tag the tests that you wish to organize and then create a saved filter using those tags.

Common Use Cases

Saved filters can be useful for a few common use cases:

  • Archived – For obsolete or deprecated tests, it can be common practice to tag them as #archived, rather than delete them, and create a saved filter to view these tests.
  • Bugs – For known issues, it can be helpful to tag the test with #bug and create a saved filter to aggregate all issues.

If you are organizing your tests by feature or into smoke and regression test suites, it’s generally recommended that you use Features and Run Groups, respectively.

Creating a Saved Filter

To create a saved filter, click the “+” button next to Saved Filters and specify the tags you wish to filter by. Saved filters let you use advanced conditions to generate and you can add as many conditions as you’d like.

To populate saved filters, add tags to tests to fulfill the saved filter condition and they will show up automatically.

Note: If you don’t see this option, visit this article to learn how to use the new interface.

Running Saved Filters

There are 3 ways to run saved filters:

  • Click the “Run” button and select platforms to run your tests
  • Run from the CLI using the command rainforest run --folder [Filter_ID]
  • Add a saved filter to a run group and trigger the run group

To add a saved filter to a run group, click Run > Add to Run Group on the saved filter view.

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