New RFA tests and converting tests to RFA

Whether you are creating brand new test in RFA or if you are converting traditional (Plain English) Rainforest tests, the process is the same. A new RFA test or conversion to RFA is always considered a NEW TEST. When you convert a test, the original test remains and a new RFA test is created (you will have two tests). For information on Test Writing Service as a whole, see here.

Key Points 

The following are the key points you need to keep in mind when converting a RFA test using Test Writing Service (TWS).

  1. Select Test Writing.
    Do NOT select Rewriting. Creating RFA tests is considered creating new tests.
  2. Select Rainforest Automation as the test writing language
  3. Select the single Browser you want the test written in.
    If you want to have the test written for multiple browsers you need to request a test rewrite for EACH browser.
  4. Fill out one test request per test being created (see below under Test Information, steps 1-5) 

Step by Step Instructions

The following are step-by-step instructions on how to submit an RFA write request.

Open Test Writing Service

  1. Select Test Writing Service (crossed pencil and ruler icon)
  2. Select  New Test Suite Request
  3. Select Text or Video Outline from dropdown

Request Info

This page asks for information that affects all the tests you want created. You can create up to 20 tests in a single test request.

  1. Request Name
    For RFA conversions, something like "Convert Feature ABC to RFA" is helpful so you know what tests you are converting.
    Request Description (optional)
    Any additional information such as "Conversion of tests to RFA".
  2. Select Text Outline 
  3. Click Next 

System Info
Additional information on how to write the tests

  1. Input the Base URL for all tests.
    Provide login credentials. Otherwise put in "N/A" or "see original test instructions" if you are converting a test.
  2. Select whether tests are needed in Plain English or Rainforest Automation. Ensure you select "Rainforest Automation".
  3. Choose which platform you would like your tests built for.
    Select single Desktop VM platform. Please do NOT select Mobile VM or Real Device. RFA is currently optimized for Desktop VMs only.
  4. Select Next.

Test Information

This screen is where you will add the individual tests you want converted.

  1. Test Title
    For tests you are converting from traditional (plain English) Rainforest tests, we recommend inputting the original test name with "RFA" appended.
    EX: Login flow should be Login flow | RFA

    If you plan on converting tests for several browsers, one test request should be created for each browser. RFA is currently optimized for only one browser. The browser should be clearly noted.
    EX: Login flow should be Login flow | RFA | Chrome
  2. URL
    This will be automatically filled with the Base URL from the System Info. Please change this URL if applicable.
  3. Expected Result for this test
    To ensure accuracy, repeat information on test name, platform such as
    Conversion of Login flow to RFA, optimized for Chrome
  4. Outline
    To ensure accuracy, repeat information on test name, platform such as Conversion of Login flow ( to RFA, optimized for Chrome
  5. Click +New Test
    Repeat steps 1-4 for each additional test. Only the Tests Page information needs to be repeated for additional tests to be converted. Add the additional tests as needed.
    Note: You must do this for each test being requested!
  6. Select Submit.
    Once you are ready to submit the tests for conversion.

Your tests will now be converted to Rainforest Automation. The Rainforest Automation (RFA) tests will be run 3x to pass to ensure the test passes consistently. If there is an issue (blocker) or other concerns, the Test Author will communicate with you via Test Writing Service.

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