Every eight weeks, we host our "New in Rainforest!" webinar, where members of our product and development teams live demo and answer questions about the new features and enhancements we've shipped.

Rainforest Automation

  • To reduce brittleness and lower maintenance efforts, we've added Content Matching as an additional way to identify elements beyond the pixel matching.

Metrics and Reporting

  • Several new reports have been added that will give you more insight into test coverage and the health of your test suite. You’ll have detailed information on test creation, maintenance, usage, and problem areas where tests are failing. See here for more.

Test Infrastructure Improvements

  • The proxy framework our machines use, which is essentially the way the machines talk to the outside world has been updated. We did this to improve reliability and handling of errors (such as authentication failure or SSL certificate issues), as well as sharing those responses transparently back to you.
  • 'System Issues’ test failures are now reported directly to our support team so that they can monitor and fix critical system issues as quickly as possible. This is another reason to consider using our failure categorization feature within your QA workflow.

Updated Names

  • ‘Test Designer’ is now Rainforest Test Writing Service. Our Test Writing Service turns a crack squad of highly-trained QA professionals with extensive Rainforest experience into an on-demand service to help build and maintain your test suites.

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