Rainforest supports testing native iOS and Android phone and tablet applications.

Creating a new native iOS or Android Application Test

Be sure to have your mobile applications set up in your Sites and Environments before proceeding. Learn how to set that up by visiting this article.

  1. Create a new test for your native iOS or Android application.
    Click New Test, then select ‘App’

Plain English should be left as the Test Language of the test. Rainforest Automation is not available for mobile testing yet.

2. Click the App Source drop-down.
Select the URL for the file you wish to test (either iOS or Android)

As Rainforest will automatically download, install, and start your application for testing, you can only select either iOS or Android VMs for this test based on App Source selection.

3. Start a run, Select the iOS or Android VM from the Platforms section.

Can I reuse my existing web tests?

In most cases, a company’s web app and native app are fundamentally different, so you will not be able to reuse your existing web tests for your native app. However, in some cases, you can (and should!) reuse the work that you have already done.

If your mobile and web apps are very similar, you can simply copy the appropriate tests for your web app to a new test for your mobile application.

Native mobile app and web application tests are separated in the Rainforest interface since they cannot share a starting URL.

  • The URL for a web browser test serves as a direction for the testers
  • The URL for a native app test is a source, where Rainforest will access and install your native application


See Troubleshooting iOS Mobile App Builds.
See Troubleshooting Android Mobile App Builds.

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