Adding tags to tests helps you manage and organize your test suite in Rainforest. You will be able to filter the tests by these tags, and find tests more easily! Tagged tests can then be grouped into Features, Run Groups, or Saved Filters

For example, you can tag tests as "Critical" for tests that need to be run every time you deploy and you can put these tests into a Run Group.  Apply a "Photos" tag to tests related to the photos functionality in your app and group them into a Feature. 

When you're ready to run a suite of tests, you can view and run tests by tag from the Rainforest Dashboard.

How to use the tagging system:

Add tags as you're writing out your tests or you can perform a bulk test tagging by selecting tests from the "All Tests" page. Consider using tags that describe a particular:

  • Feature,  workflow, or functionality; these are best organized into a Feature 
  • Platform or project; these are best organized into a Run Group 

How to add a Tag:

Just go to any test, there is a "Tags" input in the sidebar to the right. Start typing and hit Enter to create your tag. Please note that Tags are case sensitive. You can add multiple tags to each test.

How to add Tags to multiple tests at once:

In the list of tests, click on the checkbox at the left of all the tests you want to add a tag to. Click on "Tag Tests" and then select the tag you wish to use, or create a new one by typing it into the tag field. Simply hit enter to 

How to remove Tags from a test:

When you're viewing a test, click the 'x' on the tag to remove this tag from the test. Your test will no longer show up when you search for tests by tag, nor when you run your tests by tag. You can also delete tags to remove a tag from a large group of tests.

How to modify or delete Tags:

You can change the name of your tags or delete them completely from your tests in Settings. When the tag is deleted, it will be removed from all the tests it was added to.

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