Exploratory test writing can be used as a way to quickly build out your test suite with less work to write the tests. When you use the exploratory test writing feature, your dedicated tester team will write tests for you based on instructions provided. Any tests you receive at the completion of the run will be "green" – this means they will have been optimized to run smoothly. 

To ensure a successful test writing run, users must submit a simple, but specific set of instructions for your test writing request. Please read carefully below to ensure a successful outcome!

Getting Started

To trigger an exploratory test writing run, make sure the "Build My Test Suite" button is selected. If you do not see this option in your account, please reach out to your CSM or Onboarding Specialist.

Prior to triggering an exploratory test writing run, a dedicated tester team will be assigned to your account. They will get to know your product ahead of time to write higher quality tests, so if you have any helpful information to share with them, please submit it to your CSM or Onboarding Specialist ahead of time.

Getting the most out of your exploratory test writing request

Please make sure the fields below are filled out as described:

Which environments should testers use to access your site? Here, you must indicate the environment that testers are to use to write tests against. Your environments are listed under Settings > Sites. You may list either the name of the environment, or the actual URL.

Please note that testers will be executing tests on this environment in order to return green tests at the completion of the run. This means that you must ensure that your environment can handle up 5 testers simultaneously. Any data required must either be seeded or can be provided in the instructions or as an attachment.

If testers need to log in, please provide login credentials below.
If testers will require login credentials, please provide them here. You may provide the name of the step variable (preferred), the actual login credentials or alternatively you may attach a CSV file using the Add Attachment near the bottom of the form.

Please use the following template to provide instructions for up to 20 tests. For this section, please click the link, duplicate the template and update its permissions so they can be viewed. If the information is sensitive and you do not wish to share it, you may also download the template and upload it as an attachment.

In this template, it's best to provide a set of 10-20 test outlines, one per row. Your tests will be created with the title provided, and your test writing team will generate tests following the outline. In this case, it's best to provide more detail to ensure the test suite is properly written.

Please add a link to the completed template below, along with any other relevant details. Once you complete the template with 10-20 tests, please add the link to this field, making sure that the sharing permissions have been updated. Without the completed template the test writing run will not be able to move forward.

Add Attachments. You may submit any other information via attachment if it will be helpful for the test writing run. Some common use cases include submitting videos (with audio) showcasing 10-20 test flows, and submitting the template in Excel form in case Google Sheets does not work.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Some of the common issues leading to suboptimal test writing runs can be mitigated by taking some very easy initial steps:

  • Make sure the test writing template has been completed in detail 
  • Make sure the environment specified is stable and ready to go!
  • Aim for 10-20 tests per exploratory test writing run
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