Every single Rainforest tester must go through a rigorous onboarding module. Our training sets clear expectations for testing rules and performance before testers can access customer tests.

This introduction will help you fully understand the principles behind our testers' actions, and can help you write better tests!

The tester training module:

Rule: EXACT adherence to step instructions 

  • Testers will only perform the instructions as they are written.

Why? You can be absolutely certain that your results reflect exactly the flow you wish to validate.

Rule: EXACT matching of page content to the expectation set in the step

  • Testers will fail a step where any number/letter/color/content placement/etc. on the page differs from the question asked.

Why? This allows you to ensure that the key components/processes are functioning perfectly correctly.

Rule: EXACT matching of any text content in quotes

  • Testers will fail any step where quoted text in the step instructions differs from the corresponding element on your site. Testers are not required to match text exactly if it is not surrounded by quotes, so you can be as specific or vague in your accepted content as you need to.

Why? This allows you to direct your tester's focus to text that must be matched exactly.

Rule: Any quoted text with a '_' indicates flexible content

  • Testers will match all of the text in quotes exactly EXCEPT for the content indicated by the placeholder: _ .¬†

Why? This allows you to test content that is not always static, while confirming exact text.

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