Rainforest QA is committed to providing secure, reliable crowdsourced testing to our customers. Our network of crowdsourced testers is made up of thousands of people from around the world. Every tester that joins the Rainforest network is vetted for QA experience and professional work ethic before they start executing tests for our users.

Combining Machine Learning and Humans for Fast, Reliable Results

Rainforest has strict criteria about how much evidence is needed from testers before passing on the final result to a customer. Testers who have provided consistently high-quality results to our customers have a higher Tester Quality Rating. To ensure that Rainforest customers receive the most accurate results possible, answers from testers with higher Tester Quality Ratings are prioritized when our customers run tests in Rainforest.

Test results from individual testers are weighted according to how much each tester is trusted. Each tester’s activities for a given run are validated by our machine learning algorithms to ensure that sloppy work does not slip through the cracks.  

Testers only have access to your application during the test run. We use machine learning algorithms, statistics, and AI to ensure that each test run meets our standards for quality. Every tester action is monitored closely and recorded, and we take prompt actions to address any suspicious or unusual activity.

Where We Find Our Testers

Rainforest testers are sourced through Amazon Mechanical Turk and CrowdFlower. Before any new tester can start running tests for Rainforest customers, they must complete an initial training course. This tutorial teaches them how to use the Rainforest platform, from understanding best practices for executing tests, to learning how to deal with complex tests and edge cases. Each tester has an internal quality rating based on their history of testing work at Rainforest, distinct from their Mechanical Turk or CrowdFlower rating. 

Rainforest Tester Training

Training doesn’t stop after testers are onboarded. All Rainforest testers are periodically given training sessions to keep them up-to-date with our customers’ testing standards and requirements. To ensure that they are executing tests consistently and correctly, testers are continually evaluated on their performance on various axes. We pay special attention to new testers and build up trust as their testing performance improves. 

Tester NDAs 

All Rainforest testers must sign an NDA to ensure that they do not share any information that they learn about our customers’ products. For customers with specific privacy needs, we offer custom NDAs, which require testers to adhere to your organization’s standards for discretion before they can accept any work. Rainforest uses industry-standard HelloSign to collect e-signatures, which are required before testers receive your work. 

Our Commitment to Continuous Quality

Rainforest is continually looking for ways to provide our users with a better QA testing experience. Our data science team and tester support team are dedicated to maintaining a happy, reliable and consistent pool of experienced testers to provide Rainforest users with fast, reliable regression testing. 

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