Why We’re Changing Rainforest Pricing Language

As we expand our product offerings and move towards our goal of providing faster, higher quality test results to our customers, we are continuing to streamline how customers use the Rainforest platform. These pricing updates will allow us to continue to grow with you as you scale your product in 2017 and beyond.

While our step-based pricing model works well for web-based regression testing, it’s become less relevant as we’ve expanded to provide mobile device testing and exploratory testing services.

What This Means for Rainforest Users

The cost of Rainforest regression testing isn't changing. With the credits-based pricing approach, Rainforest users will now be able to more carefully choose how to allocate their testing budget to meet their on-demand testing needs.

Questions about our new pricing, or how we’re expanding our product next year? Contact us csm@rainforestqa.com to get a sneak peek at what’s in store for Rainforest QA in 2017.

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