Another round of exciting updates to Rainforest which are scheduled to be live by end of day, February 7th, 2017.
This a quick overview of what is new for February:

  • Tester Video
  • Test Level Geolocation*
  • Browser Logs for Chrome *
  • HTTP Logs*
  • Mark Test Results as Viewed
  • Re-Run All Tests

Tester Video

We now record videos of testers while they are executing your tests. This should prove useful when troubleshooting issues or to get a glimpse of tester behavior. 

To access the video, go to any results page, click on a screenshot and then click on “Download [tester’s] Video.” This will open up a new window and download the video file, which is usually made available in .webm format.

Test Level Geolocation

Default geolocation settings can now be configured per test. Before, geolocation (IP address location)  could only be set at the run level, but it can now be individually set for any test. 

*Note: Please reach out to our CSM team to learn more about enabling this feature.

Browser Logs for Chrome

This allows you to view all the activity that passed through the browser for a given test. Works only for Chrome at this time.

In the Results screenshot view, there is now a link that lets you view all browser log activity. This includes the Console, Network and other logs typically displayed in the “developer console” of Chrome.


*Note: Please reach out to our CSM team to learn more about enabling this feature.

HTTP logs

You can now view HTTP logs from each job performed by a tester. Simply click on the log link located in the screenshot modal on the test results page. This will open up the full log of HTTP requests, including 5xx and 4xx codes, which can be very useful for debugging tough issues. 

*Note: Please reach out to our CSM team to learn more about enabling this feature.

Marked Test Results as Viewed

This feature marks an individual test result as viewed once a user has clicked on it. If you are working within a team, this allows you to keep track who has reviewed the results. You can see who viewed the test result and when it was viewed. You can also mark a test result as unviewed when necessary. 

This function can be found within a run's test results.
Use the checkbox to select the test and the option to Mark as Viewed will appear.

Rerun All Failed Tests

This button allows for the option to rerun all the failed test in the given run.
From the Results Run view, click on "Rerun All Failed Tests" to trigger a new run of the previously failed tests. 

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