Hi there! The team at Rainforest is happy to announce some improvements to Rainforest to kick Spring off right. 

A quick list of what's new to Rainforest this month:

  • Rainforest CLI in Go
  • Export to JIRA button
  • Test-level Geolocation

Rainforest CLI in Go

We rewrote the Rainforest CLI in Go so that it can be easily adapted to any developer language without additional hassle. Previously, a developer would need to use Ruby to run the Rainforest CLI. With this update, the Rainforest CLI can seamlessly integrate with Ruby and non-Ruby developer workflows alike.  

With the new version, anyone can use the CLI with any language – simply download the package here or directly from your command line. This should take a few mins to configure and after installing the new Rainforest CLI you're ready to go. Along with this change, we will ask that everyone update their API token. 

This is a measure we're taking to further improve security and make the CLI easier to use for non-Ruby developers. We have also made some structural improvements to our software, which will paves the way for future features development down the line. The CLI is completely backwards compatible, so any commands that were previously used will remain intact.

Export to JIRA button

Rainforest now lets you send individual test failures to JIRA from the results page using an “Export Issue” button. This feature lets you choose which test failures to export, rather than exporting all failures automatically. This is helpful for anyone who'd like more control over which failures to share with fellow team members.

To export the failed test result to JIRA, click the JIRA icon and click the “Export Issue” button. 

If there are multiple browser failures, you may select which browsers to include in your ticket. Only one ticket is generated each time you click the “Export Issue” button. As such, if you select multiple browsers, that single ticket will contain information from each selected browser.

What's included in the created JIRA ticket: 

In the JIRA ticket description, you’ll find: 

  • A link to the first failed step result (will redirect to Rainforest) 
  • A screenshot from the failed step
  • Link to HTTP logs from each tester

To set up the Export to JIRA button, take a look at our article on it.

Test-level Geolocation

With test-level geolocation it is now possible in Rainforest to run tests from multiple available geolocations in a single run. The geolocation selection dropdown can be found on the bottom of the right hand side of under the "Location" header of each test.

If you have any questions about any of these new features to Rainforest, please contact us at support@rainforestqa.com.

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