When a run is triggered, there is the potential that hundreds, and perhaps thousands of individuals could access your testing environment simultaneously. With concurrent tester Throttling control, a user can control the load of individuals that access your testing environment when a run is in progress and thus avoid instances where your server overloads.

How to Set the Throttling Limit

To set the concurrent testers throttling limit for your account, first go to the Settings section, then click on "Global Settings." From there, scroll down the page till you see "Concurrent Tester Limit" with a field below it. In this field, enter the desired number of testers you'd like to throttle to and then click the "Save Global Settings" button below that. 

Things to Note:

  • You can set the throttle limit to a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 500 testers who can concurrently access your test environment.*
  • Throttled runs tend to have an increased run length time due to the few number of testers accessing your test environment to execute tests simultaneously
  • Run success and failure criteria will remain the same when a throttling limit is in place. 
  • To remove a throttling limit, simply clear the field of any value and click "Update Account". Do not enter "0" in the limit as this will prevent any tester from accessing your test environment when a run is triggered!

If you have any questions regarding end user Throttling, please let us know at support@rainforestqa.com!

*If you have a need to set a throttle limit to below 5 or over 500 testers, please reach out to your Rainforest CSM.

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