Currently, testers can leave valuable feedback but that feedback is only when a test fails and is at the test level. 

You can easily access these comments using a link in the "Comments" section from the test view, or by going to the results view and opening up that specific step. With this enhancement, you now can get more detailed feedback on your step content and greater visibility into areas that may confuse testers. 

How to Navigate the Tester Comments:

  • From the Test view:
  • From the Results view: Opening the model shows us the comment in the sidebar (Note that the failure comment is still surfaced as normal, and is not affected by the presence of the tester comment).

Reporting Abuse 

Users have an option to report any misuse of the comments by clicking on the ‘!’ icon within the modal. This will open up a text field where users can report the problem. Daily emails of these reports will be sent to Rainforest to investigate the tester. 

  • Click the icon to open the text field:
  • After the comment is added, users will see a quick indicator that it was saved:

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