When reviewing your test results, if you come across tests that need to be rewritten for any reason - a bug, unclear instructions or updates to your environment - you can simply click a button to send these tests over to us to be rewritten. 

Click into a failed test and use the review dropdown on the top of your page to categorize the result. If you select “Needs Refactor” as your category, you will now see an option to send the test over to Rainforest to be rewritten.

You will be required to fill out rewriting instructions to help our test writers quickly and efficiently rewrite your tests for you and to minimize any blockers they may come across. Be sure to mention which steps in your test need to be updated and what your desired outcome is. Your rewritten (and passing green) tests will be returned to you in 3 days or less. 

This feature is available to all Test Writing Engine users. 

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