As part of the Test Writing Engine flow, you can track the progress of your test writing requests through test level statuses. This allows for increased visibility into the status of your individual test requests and enables communication between our customers and the test writing team through the product itself. All communication regarding these requests, previously done via email, can now be performed in-app itself.


As a customer, you can see the status of each test in your request through the Writing Status column, as is in the image above. A test can be in one of the following states:

  • In progress
  • Blocked
  • Completed

As the name suggests, a test is “in progress” when it is in the process of being written by our team of test writers. Once a test is written and successfully run and returned, the status changes to “completed”. A test will be in a “blocked” state when a test writer needs more information and cannot proceed with creating and running the test - this can occur if the credentials are wrong, the environment isn’t working or the test outlines are unclear. When a request is blocked, this is relayed back to the customer via the app and they have the ability to check the blocker, read the writer’s notes and proceed to unblock the writer. Again, the writer is notified that they are unblocked in-product itself.

This feature significantly improves the workflow of test writing and helps reduce the time spent communicating back and forth. It is available to all Test Writing Engine users.

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